This Puppy And Injured Mommy Were Found Abandoned… Their Rescue Story Is Emotional

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Right from the start we are just going to say that we don't understand people that can be cruel to animals and we can't stand to see animals being abused, however, in this video (which is on the next page) you won't believe the transformation of Pumpkin the Mommy dog who gets rescued.

This is Pumpkins story…

This story has both good news and bad news… We don't generally like to share bad news (there is already enough of it on CNN – Constantly Negative News! and other programs like it…) however, it is an important part of today's story so will include it very briefly so you get the whole picture.

In Houston Texas there are millions of homeless dogs who live on the streets and are struggling to survive, it is unfortunately just the way it is at present. Well this is where Pumpkin's story begins, on the streets of Houston.

Pumpkin had been badly mistreated by a very cruel person who had poured acid on her which had burned her skin and made her hair largely fall out and she wasn't in very good shape. Oddly enough a person took photos of Pumpkin and posted them on Instagram making fun of the appalling state she was in…

Fortunately, these photos came to the attention of local rescuers and the dedicated volunteers were able to track Pumpkin down and then get her the veterinary attention she so desperately needed. The rescuers also discovered that Pumpkin was not alone, she also had a young puppy with her, who was also not in great shape.

The rescuers quickly rushed them both to get immediate medical attention. When she arrived at the hospital the medical staff were totally shocked at her condition which was actually worse than can be imagined…

Okay so here's the bad news… Pumpkin's little puppy unfortunately did not make it, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while the vet staff tried to revive her. At least she was surrounded by loving people who cared for her when she passed…

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13 Comments to This Puppy And Injured Mommy Were Found Abandoned… Their Rescue Story Is Emotional

  1. These acts of inhumane cruelty are too much to understand – it’s too bad the humans that do this to animals don’t receive the same treatment to them!!!

  2. What type of society does a city have when animals are treated so cruelly. Sad the puppy died but Pumpkin is now happy and healthy. May she have a long life with a loving family

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