This Man Put His Sick, Old Dog In The Pool. What Happens Next Brought Me To Tears!

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This beautiful old Husky named Kane has developed a special affinity with swimming in the pool.

And his devoted owner is an angel for taking him swimming every day!

The video on the next page of this article will totally melt your heart when you see Kane swimming in the pool and the reasons why he does it every day. (NOTE you can skip straight to the NEXT PAGE if you want to just watch the video)…

You see Kane is very old and recently his hind legs just stopped working properly.

He is too old for any kind of surgery or other treatment and he is now in a fair bit of pain.

The veterinarian has him on pain medication, but it doesn't really do the job…

In fact, they have found that the only thing that does relieve the pain that Kane is experincing on a daily basis, is floating around in the pool.

Kane absolutely loves having a nice relaxing swim with his human!


Well you see, while he is floating in the water, there is no pressure or impact on his bones and joints, so he can just float weightlessly and pain free in the nice cool water.

Sounds relaxing doesn't it?

Well, to Kane right now, it is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing he can do.

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  1. There will be a special place in heaven for this gentleman and of course for Kane. If I had the opportunity I would love to meet Kane and his human, and shake his humans hand…he is a very GOOD man.

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