This Is One Of The Cutest Rescue Dogs In The World But He Can’t Find A Home. Can YOU Help?

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We see this type of thing all the time and it is just so very heart breaking!  

Meet poor Brownie.


Brownie Looking for a forever home 3

He is drop dead gorgeous, but unfortunately has had a pretty tough life to date and brings with him some emotional baggage from being mistreated by his former owners…

You see the first eight years of his life have been pretty horrible. About the only good thing about his former existence was that he had another dog living with him to keep him company.

The two dogs had been tied up and left in a backyard with little love and very poor treatment.

They were not in great shape when they were rescued and brought into the animal shelter. And unfortunately Brownies mate, didn't make it…

You can imagine just how heart broken this has left poor Brownie.

His entire existence has been one of neglect and mistreatment, then his only thing that was keeping him happy was his buddy dog and now he has gone over the Rainbow Bridge for good…

Poor Brownie was very sad and alone…

The good news is that Brownie is getting better all the time and is now in good hands at the Pima Animal Car shelter in Tucson, Arizona, where he is being cared for while they try to find him a forever home and a loving new family to love and care for him.

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23 Comments to This Is One Of The Cutest Rescue Dogs In The World But He Can’t Find A Home. Can YOU Help?

  1. Yes I am interested in adopting him but I live in South Africa. Can I send donations to you in the meantime. I have 6 dogs of my own. had 10 but 4 died of old age (20 -23) all from the rescue shelters.

  2. To adopt Brownie, please contact shelter volunteer Mark (he volunteers in the adoptions department) by emailing

    Please reference animal ID# A540477.

    Pima Animal Care shelter is located at 4000 N Silverbell Road, Tucson, AZ. You may also contact them at 520.724.5900.

    Adoption hours are Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5PM.

  3. I wish I could take them all. People have no compassion. I hate what happens to this dogs. They know and feel just like humans. Hell they are better than most humans. Breaks my heart

  4. Brownie don’t you worry your handsome head about this. It will all come together for you. It’s going to be better than ever. Just be patient. Lots of paw prayers for your furever home from Pittsburgh PA.

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