This Dog Has Wounds All Over, But You Won’t Believe How He Got Them… What A Hero!

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Dogs are such amazing creatures, so loving, so faithful, so loyal and sometimes so fiercely protective!

In fact, the dog who is the star of the story we have to share with you today, is now known for being so protective that he is responsible for saving his humans life…

Here's all the details:

This amazing act of dog bravery went down in Tampa Florida where a man and his girlfriend were involved in a violent home invasion attack.

It was reported by that the incident occurred around 11:14pm when Damien Strickland was outside of his house when he spotted five men walking directly towards him.

Suspecting that things were about to go bad, Damien attempted to retreat back into his house, but unfortunately he was attacked and brutalised with the butt of a gun by the five men. Next thing the men dragged Strickland inside of his house, where his girlfriend, mother and Bullmastiff mix dog named Legend were all located.

The home invaders attempted to tie up Strickland and his girlfriend, but this course of action made Legend quite upset and so he launched an attack on the intruders that resulted in at least one of the men being bitten on his hand.

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  1. Dogs are immensely loyal and protective of their families so this should not be a surprise to anyone! Great Job Legend, may you have a long and wonderful life with your wonderful family!

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