These Homemade Flea Prevention Doggy Treats Really Work And Your Dog Will LOVE Them!

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Let's face it, there are not many things worse than having a dog and your house being over run and infested with fleas… It's very unpleasant for all involved!

So what do you do about it?

Well, if you're like most people you will resort to using chemical treatments to kill the fleas and hope they don't come back.

This is all well and good and will actually work, but did you know that the large majority of flea treatments on the market contain carcinogenic ingredients in them?

What does that mean?

Well a carcinogen is a substance that is capable of causing cancer in living tissue. So why on Gods green earth would you ever want to put something on your beloved dog that could give it cancer?

Not to mention the fact that these nasty chemicals can also rub off your pet and onto anyone who pats the dog where it has had the flea treatment…

So the people in your house could also be exposed to these nasty carcinogens…

And if you have small children who often play with your pet then they could be at risk.

In fact, did you know that according to the Humane Society, over the last five years, at least 1,600 pet deaths have occurred as a direct result of flea treatments.

But what if there was a way to stop fleas without having to use the toxic chemical solutions and flea collars that are on the market?

Would you like to know about that?

And what if we told you this alternative solution was something that you could easily make yourself at home, would you be interested to know more?

Well today we have the perfect solution for you!

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  1. Anything ingested for topical parasites ,educate yourself on…This can be shaky ground…Just saying….29 years dealing with pets/parasites and sad stories at rare times…Make yourself aware…

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